Wii U secrets: The R3 and L3 buttons don't have names!

Written by Brandon


You know those fancy buttons underneath the left and right sticks on the PlayStation 3 that are called R3 and L3? They don't actually have any names on the Wii U. The in-game documentation via prompts in Nintendo Land and Ninja Gaiden just say "Hold R" with a picture of a stick that has two little arrows above it. I think this is similar to what the 360 does maybe?

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This shot's from the Internet browser, which has pictures that show the little "press in" arrow. Ninja Gaiden 3 uses a similar graphic. Notably, Nintendo Land never actually shows a picture with an arrow, just says "Press (picture of stick)." Whoa!

So yep there's no official name. SECRETS

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sneaky secrets guy said:
hey. psst. yeah, you. i got what you need. you're cool, so i thought i would let you in on one more super secret secret. even its being here is a secret. but you found it so you can know.

load up your wii u and go to the warawara plaza. yeah, just like that. go ahead and switch the plaza so it's on your gamepad. mmm, yeah. alright go ahead and push zr or zl. push them a bunch, even. go ahead. yeah. you see that? pretty neat huh.

you didn't hear it from me. now get outta here.

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  1. GregoryRasputin
     said |

    Their "official" name is L Stick And R Stick.
    Nothing secret about that, its in the manual.
    1. TathanenTathanenstaff
       said to GregoryRasputin |

      The question is not the name of the sticks themselves, but rather the buttons beneath them! On the PS3 they have explicit names, L3 and R3, but here they have none, merely being referenced via verbs like "press" or "push" in tandem with the stick's name, or the down arrow.

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