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Written by Cory


I swear it's coincidence, but N-Sider seems to echo Nintendo's strategies more often than not. Similarities between the 2013 Wii U lineup and our editorial output are easy to make! Ha ha it's because neither of them exist. Oh man.

I'm starting to find that when it comes to hobbies, it's best not to push them. When an enjoyable outlet starts to feel more like a responsibility, it's time to take a step back. Brandon was carrying the site pretty much all by himself for a looong time there, and that's something a person can only keep up for so long. I've been torturing myself mentally for upwards of eight (wow ugh) years now on getting a fresh version of the site put together and launched, and while this interim site was a small victory, it's far from the planned end result.

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The site I want to make, and the site we want to write for, changes as we ourselves change. Five years ago it was a labyrinthine and art-filled database to end all databases. These days it's a site that can get out of the way, self-maintain, and fit into our lives when we feel like we need an outlet. People get older, priorities evolve.

With that in mind, N-Sider's officially taking a break. It's not really a huge change considering this is the fourth post in four months, but it's mostly for our own peace of mind. N-Sider is something we want to do, but it's also something that preys on our minds when it feels like promised content has been left lingering. So we're gonna take some time to recharge, and work on these projects on whatever timescale feels good for us.

Hang with us on the freshly reopened-to-registrations [and regrettably now re-closed due to spammers] N-Forums, and look forward to the day when we finally complete incubating some of the sweet ideas we've been sitting on.

N-Sider will return.

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  1. Chris_Hamby
     said |

    Look forward to the return. I have been reading since the site launched back when I was on dail-up at my parents house. Now I have graduated high school, college, grad school, and am a married man. I understand that priorities change. Heck I do not have a Wii U yet since I am still attempting to get through the backlog of games I have sitting on my shelf. As a long time reader I think the pieces this site did the best were based in long form writing. Let the big sites do the breaking news and the day of release reviews.
  2. Hyawatta
     said |

    The Journal Diaries

    I loved reading The Journal Aquatic and Diary of a Hunter series of posts. It's that kind of content that hooked me on this site. I'll keep N-Sider bookmarked no matter when the updates come. I know you don't have time for it, but I wonder what a podcast from N-Sider would sound like.
  3. WackerJr
     said |

    Ditto the above comments. I've been a long-time reader and I still pop by from time-to-time. Enjoy going ack out into the real world for a spell, and looking forward to reading the site again when you return.
  4. Chris_Hamby
     said |

    Next month will have been one year...thoughts?
    1. TathanenTathanenauthor
       said to Chris_Hamby |

      Every once in a while I check to see if the 4 comment count on this article ever turns into a 5. Last time it did, it was spam. How nice to have an actual new comment!

      The break has been really good for me. I think I've managed to get N-Sider in a good place in my head, where it's an enjoyable hobby to work on from time to time, rather than a crushing obligation. To that end, I've been doin a little work here and there on some migrations. I think the site will probably come back within the next few months. It'd be kind of neat if it was exactly one year, but I certainly won't promise anything. Depends on how much time I spend playing video games, really.

      What I WILL promise is that it'll be... pretty different. Much more suited to the lives of adults who just like to write about Nintendo on the side from time to time. More project based, less bloggy. But I hope people like you who still remember we exist will like it!
    2. Chris_Hamby
       said to Tathanen |

      That style would actually suit me more being married and almost 30. Back in the day I would visit multiple sites a day that centered on Nintendo, can't exactly remember when n-sider launched but I was on it early. Seems like the end of the 64 era, and transitioning into the Dolphin rumors, really sparked cool grassroots fan based websites. N-Sider always had the best art, and was pleasing to the eyes.
  5. hollywoodhiskey
     said |

    N-Sider and Nintendojo were my two go-to Nintendo sites back in the day. Before I launched a Nintendo news site of my own and felt the whole "fun-to-work" transition myself and shut it down after a few years. I totally get it. Now I'm still just as passionate about Nintendo, but older and with a family and less time for gaming and keeping up with everything myself. I'd be thrilled to see N-Sider come back in a smaller and/or more creative/unique way, and I'll be here if it does!
  6. Tanj14
     said |

    Nintendo seems to be doing kinda well at the moment... and it would be awesome to have a well-adjusted website to read along with that.
    Are you guys coming back any time soon?

  7. DanielNC
     said |

    I take the hiatus as a sign you won't be coming back right? I hope you're having a great time pursuing whatever it is in life that you're pursuing currently. Thanks for the good ol'times :)

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