Satoru Iwata

Written by Cory


I tried to write something eloquent here, and found that I just don't have the words.

So here are some pictures of us as children, with the man who embodied everything that could possibly be right about how to make video games, how to value a team of artists and visionaries, and how to inspire impressionable boys and girls to make stupid websites like this one.

He will never be replaced.

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  1. LobdaleLobdalestaff
     said |

    I used to kinda hate the picture I got with Iwata, cause I looked like such a KID.

    But ya know, like you said, that's kinda why I like it now, I sure was a kid, just like we all were, having a real time.
  2. JeffTheMasta
     said |

    Yeah, same. What a random, fun encounter. He was just waiting in line to get into E3 like everyone else. No real reason why the President of Nintendo should have to wait in line. But he was just that kind of guy.
  3. JamesJamesstaff
     said |

    This is a very fitting post to have on our front page. We had so much fun with N-Sider, and people like Iwata were a real part of what made the whole experience such a blast.

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