[GDC] Spore on Nintendo DS, New Super Mario Bros. videos, more

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Here's another rundown of various tidbits coming out of the Game Developer's conference. There's official word that Spore will be coming to the Nintendo DS, videos of New Super Mario Bros. and much more highlighted below.

  • received word from Maxis' Will Wright that his latest title called Spore -- a game that allows players to follow the evolution of their creature from a microscopic smear to a galactic military force -- will also be coming out for the Nintendo DS handheld. The title currently has a tentative release date in 2007.

  • has put their video camera to work at the Game Developer's Conference and filmed several videos of New Super Mario Bros.

  • has posted the results of the Game Developers Choice Awards. Nintendo walked away with one award for best Visual Arts in a game for its Nintendo DS Nintendogs title.

  • Namco Bandai said it will bring Point Blank DS to the Nintendo DS handheld Summer 2006. The game is the latest iteration in the well known shooting series that allows players to shoot everything from clay pigeons to aliens. Five different modes, four different difficulty levels and over 40 different stages will be included. Screens can be found at

  • In the latest Podcast from, Nintendo DS editor Craig Harris was asked about the status of Metroid Dread. He responded saying that the game was too early to show previously [at E3 2005] and that it could be shown this year.