Stomachs rumble with Nintendo Talk! DS Cooking Nav

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Talk! DS Cooking Navigator for Nintendo DS

Intrepid N-Sider Samer has noted that Nintendo has opened the Japanese website for Talk! DS Cooking Navigator, which is due to release alongside the recently announced Noble Pink DS Lite on July 20.

The website details new information on this very delicious title. The software contains over 200 licensed recipes from the Tsuji Cooking Academy in Tokyo (image pictured above). It can instruct cooking procedures by voice, allowing anybody to easily start cooking without getting their DS messy. While your hands are occupied preparing your favorite dish, pages can be turned with voice commands by saying "return" to flip back or "ok!" to proceed to the next page. The stylus can also be used since the software will use Nintendo's proprietary hand-writing recognition.

The software guides cooks through the preparation steps. When the words "in detail" are displayed on screen, the navigator can go into a more thorough explanation. There are multiple ways (five in total) to search for recipes including:

  • A full menu that lists all recipes under broad categories such as meat, soup, dinner etc.
  • List of ingredients (suitable when wanting to cook something with the ingredients at hand) by choosing from a list or writing the name.
  • Setting various conditions such as calorie count, ease of preparation and category.
  • Entering keywords similar to a Google search.
  • Searching via set menus, where chef recommended dishes are grouped together in main dish, side and soup combinations.

Talk! DS Cooking Navigator for Nintendo DS Talk! DS Cooking Navigator for Nintendo DS