Everybody Votes Channel now available

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

If you saw your Wii's slot light pulsing last night, you already know that a brand-new channel—the Everybody Votes Channel—is now available for Wii.

The channel offers up to six Miis (presumably representing family members) the opportunity to vote on questions of critical importance such as whether they prefer dogs or cats. The questions are asked with a particular scope in mind; for example, the dog/cat question is worldwide, while other questions are available on a national basis (such as one about Valentine's Day gifts), and presumably others, regionally (the channel setup asks you for the region you live in). After casting your vote, you can also register a prediction for how the poll will turn out, which you can compare to the poll results when they become available.

The channel is available free of charge via the Wii Shop Channel, although you will need to grab the latest Wii System Update to actually use it.