FIFA '08 to feature Miis in minigames

Monday, May 21, 2007

Nintendo Power's profile on Electronic Arts' upcoming FIFA Soccer 08 reveals that the Wii version will feature a slate of multiplayer minigames using Miis.

The minigames are packaged with the game to appeal to "family members whose idea of a keeper is a boyfriend who brings flowers," the magazine says. One minigame makes a rhythm-style game out of keeping the ball in the air, having players flick their Remote in a specific direction when the ball drops into a target circle. Foosball is also available, alongside a shootout where multiple players shoot at a single goalieŚlow scorers take goalie duties for the next round. Playing the games will let you unlock "Ronald-mii-nho".

The main game features Wii controls as well, eschewing button combinations for motion gestures. FIFA Soccer 08 is looking toward a fall release.