New Wii firmware update, brings Internet Channel perks

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gamers around the world awoke today to find their Wii pulsing with a healthy glow (...), signifying, of course, a new update to download. With the upgrade the Wii firmware is now at version 3.1, with most improvements to functionality centering around USB keyboard support.

As outlined on Nintendo's own Wii FAQ, keyboard use is now available for several shell functions, including message board support. The updates to the Internet Channel, however, are considerably more robust:

  • Overall USB keyboard support for functions involving text-entry
  • While using the default Remote-style text-entry, the B button now functions as a "shift" key
  • The ability to edit the URL of the page you are currently visiting
  • Enhancements to the "Page Information" function, including the ability to send a link to the page you are visiting to friends via the Wii message board
  • Various display enhancements, improving zooming and altering other aesthetic bits
  • The maximum number of favorites you can have has been increased from 48 to 56, and you can send them to friends over the Wii message board
  • General stability, speed, and security enhancements

In order to actually receive these enhancements, you'll need to go into the Wii Shop Channel and choose to update the Internet Channel (after downloading the general Wii firmware update). The Everybody Votes Channel has also received an update, improving the display for national results by region.