Chrétien delivers Wii knock-out punch

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jean Chrétien (left) and Rick Mercer (right) battle in WiiSports Boxing

Our Canadian readers may have caught a familiar face on last night's Rick Mercer Report: former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.

In one of the segments of Monday's show, Chrétien challenges Rick Mercer (the shows host) by saying he could beat him in any game, which in this case ended up as Wii Sports Boxing.

Nintendo of Canada's PR firm touted the event as follows:

Last night on the Rick Mercer Report, former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien "put the ticker to the test" in a series of activities, including Wii boxing, to show he is back and stronger than ever.

It's been one year since Nintendo launched its Wii system and not only have we seen kids and teenagers fall in love and play with its unique interactive controllers, but parents and even grandparents have been hooked. Fitness centres, senior facilities and even recreational therapy centres have caught the craze, and now.... le petit gars de Shawinigan!

The segment can be viewed at CBC's Mercer Report website. (The video is titled Mercer: At Harvey's with Chrétien and the portion in question starts at the four minute mark).