Avalon Code demo up on Nintendo Channel

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I found the demo for Avalon Code on the Nintendo Channel this morning, which was a nice surprise. (A less-nice surprise was the news the game is releasing a little later than I'd thought—March 10—but it's not too far off.) In it, we learn the world's about to end, and check it out, we've got this book that we can use to preserve things for the world that is to be made new.

The demo itself shows off a few features. I know from reading up on this game that its claim to fame is the Book of Prophecy, which you can slam down on things to read their codes. In the demo, you'll get the code for a flower, then find a "metalize tablet" that tells you how to make a sword. The sword you get is rusty, though; so your fire-spirit tutorial guide tells you how to extract the "ill" code from it to remake it stronger. Dragging it off the sword's code grid remakes it into a much nicer-looking copper deal.

Goblins to fight show up right after that, and they're rather strong fellas, but slapping them with the book too lets you remove iron codes they have to make them weaker. You're then instructed to beat up about a dozen of them and the demo ends... rather unsatisfyingly, to be honest, despite the introduction of an amusing "judgment link" move where you can juggle one or more monsters in the air with your sword until you drop them or they die... the latter case netting you items. Convinced there must be more, I went back for a second playthrough.

Since I removed the ill code, it was sitting parked in one of four holding slots. I wondered if I could put it on the goblin. I hid behind a rock and swapped it in, and it transformed my pursuer into a "sickly goblin"... who promptly died. That's when the lightbulb went off. Future spawned goblins didn't die immediately, but were clearly weaker. There were precious few codes I could use in this demo, and they were shaped in a way that I couldn't combine some of them on my sword like I wanted to, but I can see a lot of potential in this system in a full game.