Sakurai you idiot

Monday, May 28, 2012


You make some sloppy decisions in your single player games let me tell you. It's easy to beat a thing sure but the second you try to do the harder challenges they end up being hard because of frustrating STUPID things.

Kid Dick at the moment here. Intensity down a level when you die. BITE ME. Half of the shit in the game is "do this at this intensity." Challenges, certain doors, etc. The intensity itself is CHALLENGE ENOUGH. Everything's harder. But they carry with them the secondary requirement of "never die ever." Are you fucking me. I play a level for 15 minutes and die and nope, have to restart completely for this dinky little challenge, because you think "aw he died better make it a level easier." It's HARD but it's hard for frustrating annoying-ass reasons. "Replay everything." Forced replaying of 20-minute levels upon failure is not FUN, it's STUPID.

You want to penalize me? Fine, make me spend hearts again to maintain the intensity upon death. But do not PERMA-LOWER it and force me to REDO EVERYTHING.



You do this a lot, MasaHiro, this sort of extreme-fuck stuff. It was all over the place in the Subspace Emissary in SSBB. I think you are OUT OF CONTROL when not being managed by a Nintendo producer. I am not sure you have that "Nintendo sense" that keeps a game accessible and not really annoying. You can be hard without being stupid. So LESS STUPID.

Score: 9/10