Bound High

Game Specifications
System:  Virtual Boy
Number of Players:  1
Status:  Production on this title was canceled before it could be released
Release Data
Canceled Bound High JP
Canceled Bound High NA
Game Summary
In full 3-D motion, Chalvo, the bouncing robot, travels through space in pursuit of alien invaders that threaten the peaceful inhabitants of Earth Angling from above. Players control Chalvo, who must land on enemies to destroy them while carefully avoiding the deep crevices, sharp spikes and highly charged electric "shockers" that cause Chalvo's demise.

Four modes of game play include Score Attack in which players strive to achieve the highest scores in the Universe. Adventure mode utilizes unique platform configurations and "guardian characters". Pocket and Cushion combines miniature golf and billiards. Players strategically move Chalvo through a pool game by landing on and then bouncing balls into pockets while keeping track of the time limit.
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