Karl Deckard

Company: Unknown
Position: Unknown
Department: Unknown
Entrance: Unknown

Karl Deckard is an interesting fellow with a wide range of talents that he has been fortunate enough to collect over the past eleven years in this industry. Karl started out at as a graphic design artist for Nintendo Power Magazine and was in charge of its production. Among those duties, he also worked on many player's guides including Yoshi's Island and Killer Instinct.

After leaving Nintendo Power, he joined Valve to help create a little known title called Half-Life. His role in the development of this historic title was that of artist and designer. For those living under a rock for the past seven years, Half-Life is a ground-breaking FPS that won over fifty Game of the Year awards shortly after its release in 1998. The game follows the escape of Gordon Freeman from the Black Mesa research facility after being invaded by beings from another realm. To make matters even worse, Freeman's own government wants him and the rest of the survivors dead to keep these top-secret experiments under wraps. The interesting thing about Half-Life and Metroid Prime, are their abilities to tell a great story in-game, as opposed to resorting to cut-scenes. There's an almost seamless continual flow between the games story and action. Load times rarely, if ever, hamper game play and the level design gives players the illusion that the game is one continuous world. This is definitely a guy all Nintendo fans should keep their eyes on.

After a departure from Valve, Karl made his way to Blizzard Entertainment in 2000 where he began work on Diablo II. It is unclear as to what Mr. Deckard's role was with Diablo II (he is credited as part of Ring of a Thousand), so it wouldn't be fair to speculate on what he could bring to future Retro Studios titles. Also, considering the fact that Diablo II was in development at least a good two years before he joined Blizzard, his involvement would have been limited. Nonetheless, it is still quite noteworthy that he was involved.

On a personal level, Karl is a skateboarding fanatic. "There have been well over 100 skateboarding games released since 720 in 1986, but honestly, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is what I play...religiously. Every installment. Period." explains Deckard. Well, it's hard to ignore that kind of enthusiasm! N-Sider finds this fact quite interesting for a number of reasons, but first and foremost because of the morph ball in Metroid Prime. One has to wonder whether or not Mr. Deckard used his seemingly solid knowledge of Tony Hawk titles and skateboarding to help mold the excellent game play mechanics that makeup the morph ball segments in Prime? An interesting thought to ponder over to be sure!

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