Dylan Cuthbert

Company: Unknown
Position: Unknown
Department: Unknown
Entrance: Unknown

Cuthbert acquired a fascination with computers as a child. After studying 3D graphics and computer science in school, he joined Argonaut Software in 1988 at 16 years of age.

While at Argonaut, Cuthbert developed a 3D technology for the Game Boy. In 1990, Shigeru Miyamoto and Takehiro Izushi became aware of Cuthbert's achievement and Nintendo then decided to sign a contract with Argonaut to develop a game with the technology. The title, named simply "X", was used because it had a sort of epicness to it as it was the first 3D title for the Game Boy. Argonaut also used this 3D "FX" technology in the development of Star Fox for the Super Nintendo.

The game ended up selling poorly and was never released in Europe or North America. One of the proposed explanations for the poor sales was that the game was too complicated.

Fortunately, Star Fox went on to achieve phenomenal sales of over 4 million worldwide.

After the success of Star Fox, Cuthbert and the rest of the crew at Argonaut and Nintendo, began development of Star Fox 2. Unfortunately, the Nintendo 64 was on the horizon and the 3D technology on the SNES lacked in comparison to that of the Nintendo 64. Although development of Star Fox 2 was essentially completed, Nintendo made the decision to forego its release.

After seeing the 3D graphics and speed of Ridge Racer for the Sony PlayStation, Cuthbert was enthralled with the technology. In 1995, he resigned from Argonaut and joined Sony Computer Entertainment America where he became involved in the development of "Blasto".

After two years working in America, Cuthbert decided to return to Japan and transferred to Sony Computer Entertainment of Tokyo. There he worked on the development of the PlayStation 2 and created two of the initial tech demos that displayed the console's technology.

In September 2001, with the support of SCE, Cuthbert established his own development studio called Q-Games to work on online technology and games for the PlayStation 2. He became the respresentative director.

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