Katsuya Eguchi

Company: Unknown
Position: Unknown
Department: Unknown
Entrance: Unknown

Katsuya Eguchi was born in 1965 in Fuchu-City, Tokyo, Japan. He grew up in the Chiba Prefecture and graduated from the Computer Graphics Department of Japan Electronics College. He joined Nintendo in 1986. Eguchi started out as a designer on Super Mario Bros. 3. During the 16-bit era, Eguchi worked closely with Shigeru Miyamoto's Mario and Star Fox series. Eguchi's directorial debut came with Star Fox in 1993. After the immense success of EAD's first polygon-shooter, Eguchi topped himself with another breakthrough title, Wave Race 64. Handling lead design on such highly regarded projects spoke volumes of Eguchi's talent. Eguchi eventually became involved in the Takashi Tezuka produced Animal Forest and Animal Crossing series.

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