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Shigeru Miyamoto was born on November 16th, 1952. Legendary game designer and creator of Donkey Kong, Mario, and Link. Shigeru Miyamoto is arguably the most recognized name in the video game industry, and rightfully so with having created Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, the two highest grossing franchises ever. Shigeru Miyamoto was recently inducted into Nintendo's Board of Directors, and now shares the responsibility of guiding Nintendo's complete software production.

A neat fact you may be unaware of...during the intro story scene to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, the mandolin instrument that's played was borrowed from Mr. Miyamoto.

In October of 1995, it was announced that Nintendo had sold its 1 billionth video game. Nearly 13 percent of these were said to have been Miyamoto games -- a fact more astounding when you consider this number doesn't include titles such as Yoshi's Cookie that other designers created based on his characters.

During an interview with MTV in March 2005, Miyamoto explained why Nintendo has chosen to follow its path. "I'd always been told growing up as a young child that America is a country that always is taking on new challenges, and that is something Nintendo has been doing," he explained. "My feeling is that the more you take on a new challenge and the more you sacrifice in trying to accomplish that new challenge and the more hardship you experience trying to overcome that challenge, the more that you grow as a person. Really, I like the idea of trying to do things differently from other people. My advice to the MTV audience would be, don't just continue to pursue the same fads that everyone else is doing. See what you personally can create and what you personally can bring to the world instead of following down the path that everyone else seems to be following. The more you can step off that path and be your own person, the more you're going to grow and the more that you can experience in the world."

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