Shinji Hatano


Company: Unknown
Position: Unknown
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Entrance: Unknown

Shinji Hatano serves as the general director of the Licensing Division of Nintendo Co. Ltd. This division is responsible for acquiring and licensing third-party software to publish under the Nintendo brand and also work closely with third-parties on their Nintendo-published games. The department consists of three sections - the Operation Department, a software quality-control Department, and the Kyoto research center (Super Mario Club).

Without this department and Mr. Hatano, we would never have played Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles on the Nintendo GameCube, experienced Link in Soul Calibur II, or played Hudson's Mario Party series.

Shinji Hatano pointed out the significance of the new Square/Nintendo relationship that occurred in 2003: "Nintendo has been trying for years now to improve its software and find ways to bring this software to users. That's why, when we received word from Square developers that they wanted to try working on the GameCube and Game Boy Advance, we immediately said 'All right, let's do it!' The game industry is in something of a difficult phase right now, but I believe that the ability of game creators to do what they do best will lead to new expansion in the industry."

In May of 2002, with the restructuring of Nintendo after the departure of long-time president, Hiroshi Yamauchi, Hatano was also named one of ten of Nintendo's General Managers. With this position he also took on the responsibility of general manager of corporate analysis and administration.

Prior to this, Mr. Hatano was the general manager in the accounting division.

Mr. Hatano was born in 1942.

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