Dan Owsen


Company: Unknown
Position: Unknown
Department: Unknown
Entrance: Unknown

Dan Owsen is best known for his "Ask Dan" Q&A feature on NOA's website during the late 1990's.

In the 1980s, he started in Consumer Service, answering phone calls and letters during the glory days of the NES. He then moved over to Nintendo Power magazine as a writer/editor. It was during that job that he got the chance to work on the screen text for The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.

After spending a month in Japan working on Zelda, Owsen moved into Nintendo's product development area. In that department he was responsible for localizing many games (writing the screen text, manual, internal product briefings, etc.) This is why he's listed in the "Thanks" section of so many game credits. It was also around this time that he lived in Japan for three months and worked with Miyamoto's group on SNES Star Fox.

When the Treehouse first started, he was one of the original employees. He worked as product manager for many of the intitial Rare games, such as Donkey Kong Country. In that capacity Owsen was also responsible for manuals, packaging, marketing briefings and even NOA testing coordination. Things came full circle when he moved back into the Publications group and started working on Nintendo's web site.

Owsen's voice can be heard at the beginning of Super Metroid - "The last metroid is in captivity...the galaxy is at peace."

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