Satoru Okada

Company: Unknown
Position: Unknown
Department: Unknown
Entrance: Unknown

Satoru Okada was amongst the engineers who worked with Gunpei Yokoi at the Nintendo Research & Development 1 department. When Yokoi left Nintendo in August 1996, R&D1 split and dedicated itself to software, while the engineers went on to create a team to focus on portable hardware. This new team was called Nintendo Research & Engineering and was led by Okada and Kenichi Sugino. This group of innovative designers and engineers were given the responsibility of creating Nintendo's main portable systems - specifically relating to their chip design and industrial design. You're probably familiar with their work. Does Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, and Nintendo DS ring a bell?

Satoru Okada was the project manager for the Game Boy Color, a device that was created in only 10 months.

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