Claude Comair

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Comair was born in Lebanon - in a village in the northern part of the country called Tanor Dieng.

Comair has been heavily involved in the video game industry. He has completed two separate degrees in Engineering. The first is a degree in Architecture, and the second is a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering, specializing in computer city simulations and the creation of 3D visualization software for this purpose.

In 1983, the Japanese Ministry of Education invited him to be a sponsored researcher for the Japanese government. Then in 1984, he was appointed to start his research at Osaka University, in the Faculty of Engineering. The research led Comair to write "VU", a 3D-computer language to be used in the creation of virtual 3D databases for existing and non-existing cities. These virtual models were used to simulate various events that may have occurred in the distant past, are presently occurring, or which may occur in the future.

In 1988, Comair concluded his research in Japan and moved to Vancouver, Canada, where he established the head office of DigiPen Corp. Over a period of 14 years, DigiPen has grown substantially to become a successful multi-national corporation. In 1996, Comair created the DigiPen Institute of Technology, a university that focuses on the arts and sciences related to the creation and production of Video games.

In 1998, Comair was appointed as Chairman of Nintendo Software Technology Corp., based in Redmond, Washington, where he currently resides.

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