Terms of use

No one reads this, ya know? So we'll be quick.

We aren't sharing user data with anyone. In particular, email addresses and passwords. We don't even know the passwords! If anyone shares anything with people explicitly via the comments, that's their responsibility.

We reserve the right to edit comments (sometimes even for fun), delete them, or ban people outright for ANY reason. We'll usually be pretty reasonable with all that, sure, but sometimes maybe we won't be.

If someone posts on the site via the blog comments, they should expect that it becomes public information. Anyone can see it, and we can repurpose it and put it anywhere we want on the site.

You can not sign up or post in the comments if you are under the age of 13. By agreeing to these terms, you are claiming that you are 13 or older.

The Nintendo stuff on this site belongs to Nintendo, not us, and we are not claiming to the contrary. The WRITING is ours, the actual unique content we create is ours, but all of Nintendo's intellectual property remains their own. Anything we do with it is within the realm of Fair Use on the internet.

And now, the things we can't be blamed for. Horrible things! But they are not our legal responsibility. Use the site at your own risk, we wash our hands of it!

  • If we get hacked somehow and someone steals user data or fills the site with malware and it infects peoples' computers.
  • Anything anyone in the comments says. Not our words, not our responsibility. That includes anything that happens if a person manages to get in contact with another person via other means after the fact.
  • This is an extension of the previous bullet, but just for emphasis: anything illegal anyone does in the comments. Posts a link to illegal material, admits to murdering a string of homeless people across four states, etc. Their responsibility, not ours.

We're pretty relaxed dudes. Don't be a moron, don't be close-minded, and don't be vile and horrible to anyone else. Be an adult, and we'll get along.

Enjoy your stay!